9771007 | 1963-1964 Pontiac Catalina & Grand Prix Right Front Exhaust Pipe





1963, 1964



Catalina, Grand Prix





Placement on Vehicle


Fitment Type

Direct Replacement



Part Number




Fit In Five Steps

How to replace a Pontiac Catalina & Grand Prix Front Exhaust Pipe?

1.Secure the Vehicle

Park your car in a well-ventilated area. Raise your vehicle and set it on jack stands or wheel ramps. Set the emergency brakes and block the wheels on the ground to prevent the vehicle from rolling. Block the front or rear wheels with wooden blocks to prevent the car from rolling while you work underneath. Now, put on your safety glasses and crawl under the car.

2.Locate and Remove the Bolts

Locate the front exhaust pipe attached with muffler. If you have to remove any screws from the exhaust system, you may need to apply rust penetrant to the bolts to make them easier to turn; only use six-point sockets or wrenches to prevent rounding off the bolts. Go ahead and cut off the piece of exhaust pipe you need to replace. Choose the best tool for the job. Cut the pipe with a hacksaw, exhaust pipe cutter or chain-type tubing cutter. Your auto parts store may let you use the appropriate tool for the job. Of course, you can make your job easier using an electric saw, but you’ll be producing a lot of sparks, and that might not be as safe as using a hand tool, especially when working close to the fuel tank.

3. Remove the Front Exhaust Pipe 

You’ll probably need to install an extension pipe to join the two ends again. Choose one of the appropriate sizes at your auto parts store. If you need only a small section, you may need to cut the one you get from the store. Use an expander tool to flare out one end of the pipe you need to join so that it is round and uniform. Measure how much of the expansion pipe you’ll need to join with the other end of the pipe. Take into account the overlap of the expansion pipe onto the end of the other pipe. Disconnect the front pipe from the exhaust hangers, if equipped, and remove the front pipe from the vehicle. Discard the old exhaust gaskets and install new gaskets during installation. Remove the old exhaust pipe with using tools.

4.Replace a New Front Exhaust Pipe

Raise one end of the pipe so that it is at the same height as the other end you need to join too. Use a floor jack to raise and hold the pipe in place, if necessary. Cut the extension pipe to the correct size. Widen the extension pipe with the expander tool so that it slides over the other piece of exhaust pipe. Secure the extension pipe at both ends of the old pipes using exhaust clamps. Don’t over-tighten the clamp bolts or you’ll end up with an exhaust leak and more repairs to deal with. Install the new exhaust pipe.

5.Rearrange All Removed Parts

Tighten the bolts and replace all removed parts. Lower the vehicle to the ground and road test the vehicle to verify the repair.

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9771007 | 1963-1964 Pontiac Catalina & Grand Prix Right Front Exhaust Pipe
9771007 | 1963-1964 Pontiac Catalina & Grand Prix Right Front Exhaust Pipe