2015-2018 Ford F-150 5″ Oval Side Step Nerf Bars Rail Running Board Wheel-To-Wheel


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2015, 2016, 2017, 2018








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Fitment Type

Direct Replacement

Surface Finish

Polished Stainless Steel


1 Year

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Fit In Five Steps

How to replace a Ford F-150 Nerf Bars Rail Running Board?

1.Secure Vehicle

Line up the running boards/nerf bars on both sides, making sure they are the right ones for the truck. Make sure that they fit snugly under the frame below the particular area they install on. Check to see whether there are predrilled holes or if the holes will have to be drilled by hand. Unscrew the two body mount bolts from each side of the truck. These bolts are located under the front part of the doors and under the rear part of the cab, before the box of your truck.

2.Unbolt Screws

To drill the holes by hand, have a friend help in holding the running board/nerf bar against the body of the truck where it goes. Mark where the holes need to be drilled with a marker. Set the running board/nerf bar aside. The bolt will have a large rubber washer on it. Place each bolt through the bracket that came with the nerf bars.

3.Remove Running Boards/Nerf Bars

Double check where the holes will be drilled to make sure the areas for the holes are sturdy. The running board/nerf bar may have to be adjusted at this time to accommodate this. If so, remark the drill points. Place the rubber washer between the bracket and the truck body.

4.Install New Running Boards/Nerf Bars

Drill holes in the body of the truck using a power drill and metal drill bits. This might require smaller drill bits at first, switching to bigger drill bits until the desired size of the hole is reached. Screw the bolts back into place and make sure the brackets are facing outward. Replace a New side step running boards on your vehicle.

5.Rearrange Removal Parts

With the help of a friend, hold the running board/nerf bar in place and tighten the screws or bolts, depending on what is used. Vehicle owners should test the running boards/nerf bars for sturdiness by stepping and putting their full weight on them.  Hold the nerf bar to the brackets. Have a friend screw in each end of the nerf bar to the brackets.

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2015-2018 Ford F-150 5″ Oval Side Step Nerf Bars Rail Running Board Wheel-To-Wheel
2015-2018 Ford F-150 5″ Oval Side Step Nerf Bars Rail Running Board Wheel-To-Wheel