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220 800 02 48, 2208001248


2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006



CL500, CL55 AMG, S350, S430, S500, S55 AMG, S600


Coupe 2-Door, Sedan 4-Door


5.0l 4966cc V8 Gas Sohc Naturally Aspirated

Placement on Vehicle


Fitment Type

Direct Replacement



Surface Finish


Country/Region of Manufacture



1 Year

Part Number

0132006359, 0132006370, 0132006373, 220 800 02 48, 2208000748, 2208000848, 2208001048, 2208001148, 2208001248



Fit In Five Steps

How to replace a Mercedes-Benz S & CL-Class Rear Left Door Lock Vacuum Pump?

1.Familiarize Yourself

Begin by checking out the manual for your car so you know where all of the parts are. Be sure that you are looking closely at the parts that you will be specifically working with for this task. Gain access to the brake vacuum pump and check the parts around it to make sure that they all look to be in top shape.

2.Secure Vehicle

The battery is cut off. The defective brake booster vacuum pump is located and known. The vehicle is raised and supported on jack stands as required. The engine under shield is detached for access.

3.Remove Old Vacuum Pump

Begin by taking off the brake lines from the master cylinder. Remove both of the nuts that are connecting it and also the vacuum hose. Take each of the parts off one by one, being careful to either mark down on a paper or remember where each of them needs to go when you are putting everything together. Remove the actual master cylinder while you are there and then disconnect the actual brake pedal that is connected and finally remove the vacuum pump.

4.Install New Vacuum Pump

Now you can clean out the area with a rag and then begin to install everything in reverse order. Hook up the vacuum pump and then connect the brake pedal and the master cylinder. Clean the parts as you go along since you are already in there working. Then attach the vacuum hose and both of the nuts that have been holding it together. Finally, reattach the brake lines where they were removed from.

5.Replace all Removal Parts & Bleed Brakes

When everything has been put back together and you are sure of its placing you will need to bleed the brake lines. Then, test to make sure that everything is working properly. When testing, be sure that you are doing so in a close, residential area that is not busy. It is best to try just in the driveway at a slow speed in case there is something wrong. You do not want to get out on the highway and then have trouble breaking. The vehicle is road tested and checked for proper brake booster vacuum pump and brakes operation.

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2208000248 | 2000-2006 Mercedes-Benz S & CL-Class Rear Left Door Lock Vacuum Pump
2208000248 | 2000-2006 Mercedes-Benz S & CL-Class Rear Left Door Lock Vacuum Pump