Kubota S85NT H-692 Diesel Tractor Engine Glow Plug Controller


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H-692, S85NT

Placement on Vehicle


Fitment Type

Direct Replacement



Part Number

17095-65660; 1709565660



Fit In Five Steps

How to replace a Kubota Tractor Glow Plug Relay Controller?

1.Materials Needed & Secure Vehicle

In any case, if you need to replace your diesel glow plugs, you’ll need a few tools including a ratchet wrench set with deep sockets and universal joint, screwdrivers, six-point combination wrenches (1/4″, 5/16″ 3/8″ 7/16 and 1/2″), a J 39083 Glow Plug Connector Remover and Installer for GM vehicles, a glow plug chamber reaming tool, valve cover gaskets, and penetrating lubricant. Before you start, gather all of your tools and supplies and make sure to read all the instructions carefully so that you fully understand them, making sure to allow plenty of time to finish the job so you won’t rush and miss any steps. Also remember that these are general instructions that apply to most diesel engines, for more detailed instructions pertaining to your specific vehicle, consult an appropriate repair manual.

2.Remove Valve Cover & Plugs

Remove the valve cover (Ford or if required). Remove what’s needed to gain access to the glow plugs. Disconnect the electrical connector and remove the intake manifold glow plug from the cylinder head.

3.Remove Old Glow Plug Relay

Using a deep socket or combination wrench, remove the glow plug from the cylinder head. Screw the glow plug reamer into the glow plug opening all the way in then out.

4.Install New Glow Plug Relay

Install the new glow plug. Reconnect the connector to the glow plug terminal.

5.Replace all Removal Parts

Replace the valve cover with a new gasket (if required). Reinstall anything removed for glow plug access. That’s it! It is as simple as replacing a spark plug. On some engines it will take about an hour, on others it may take up to five hours, depending on what is in the way, or in the case of some Ford diesel, valve cover removal. A good project for a Saturday and you won’t have to worry about your diesel not starting when it starts to get cold again.

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Kubota S85NT H-692 Diesel Tractor Engine Glow Plug Controller
Kubota S85NT H-692 Diesel Tractor Engine Glow Plug Controller