- 17% 2012-2018 Ford Focus OEM New All-Weather Floor Mats

2012-2018 Ford Focus OEM New All-Weather Floor Mats


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CM5Z 5413300-BA


2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018








Placement on Vehicle

Front, Rear

Fitment Type

Direct Replacement



Surface Finish

Carpeted Charcoal


2 Year

Part Number




Fit In Five Steps


How to replace a Ford Focus Floor Mats?

1.Locate Floormat

Leave the rubber flooring kit out in the sun while you disassembling the carpet from your vehicle. The heat from the sun will make the rubber flooring more pliable and easier to work with. Open all the doors on your vehicle before removing the carpet.

2.Prepare For Removing Floor Carpets

Remove the kick panels by hand by pulling up on the plastic nuts in the corners and removing the clips that secure the carpet along the door jam. Free the rocker sill plates by pulling up to release the clips.

3.Remove Old Floor Carpets

Take out the car seats by using a 3/8-inch ratchet to remove the bolts in the seat tracks. Remove the tracks and the seats themselves. Lift the seats out of the car by placing one hand on the bottom of the seat and the other on the headrest. You can leave the back seat inside the car. Pull the old car carpet loose by starting in one front corner. Roll the carpet away from the dash and towards the rear of the car. Remove the entire section of carpet out of the car.

4.Place New Floor Carpet

Arrange the rubber flooring outside the car so the forward section is aligned with the front of the car. Fold the back portion of the rubber flooring towards the middle and the front portion of the back, creating a burrito-like shape. Lift the rubber flooring into the car and place it in the middle of the cab. Be sure the front is still facing the front of the vehicle.

5.Clean and Tighten The Screws

Roll the front section of the rubber flooring towards the dash. Make sure the seat belts and the flooring line up and everything lay flat in place. Unroll the back section of the rubber flooring in the back of the car. Press the rubber into place and along the grooves of the cab. Put the car seats back into the vehicle.

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2012-2018 Ford Focus OEM New All-Weather Floor Mats
2012-2018 Ford Focus OEM New All-Weather Floor Mats

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